Renewing a House

Can Hide It's True Age

Making an Old House Look New Again

Whether you want to repair damage to your house, change the look of your house, or just spruce it up to sell it at the best price, renewing your house has many advantages. Since buying a brand-new house is not always feasible or convenient, the option of remodeling or renewing your existing house may be a better choice.

Front & Back Yards

If you are selling your house, the first thing potential buyers will see is the front of the house and the front yard. First impressions make a difference in real estate so sprucing up the front area will encourage buyers to want to see the inside too. Simple things like cleaning up the garden, cutting and watering the lawn, replacing border edging, repainting the door and trim, and replacing window screens can be a big improvement. While you’re at it, you might as well do the same thing to the back yard.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any house. People rely on the kitchen for food storage, food preparation, and dining. A renew of a kitchen can be as simple as repainting cabinets and replacing cabinet knobs, or more intensive such as replacing the kitchen sink and faucet and one or more major appliances. Sometimes it’s hard to picture what a kitchen will look like after a major remodel but with the use of kitchen design and countertop software you can see the results before work begins.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom is another important room in the house for obvious reasons. Renewing a bathroom can feel refreshing every time you enter the room simply by replacing or resurfacing the bathtub, changing the flooring, and choosing colorful tiles for the walls. Other items to consider are adding or replacing shower doors, installing a modern water-saving toilet, replacing the vanity and sink, adding a larger mirror, and upgrading the lighting and ventilating system. Close-up shaving and makeup mirrors are a plus.

The Other Rooms in the House

Renewing other rooms in your house can make it feel like your living in a totally new or different house altogether. Replacing or adding wood flooring and carpeting, repainting walls and trim, replacing windows with modern insulated ones, adding decorative wall coverings, and even adding new rooms to your house or extending old ones will motivate you to live in and enjoy your house for many years to come.

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